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Guidelines for Affiliate Membership

Affiliates are those who support the mission and vision of PMMSN, but have not completed any PMMSN training workshop and are not certified Responders. Affiliates can get involved in PMMSN activities that promote awareness about marine mammal strandings in the Philippines, including:

  • Volunteer at stranding rescue and rehabilitation efforts within your locality (under the supervision of a PMMSN chapter/ trained responders & stranding team)
  • Educational campaigns
  • Promotional activities
  • Fundraising activities

Categories of Membership

1. Individual Affiliate – Person of any age, background, nationality or residence
2. Club Affiliate – Student organizations, clubs and groups
Must compose of at least 10 members applying as Individual Affiliates
Club receives a Certificate of Recognition/Membership

Membership Fee of Php 500.00 includes the following:

  • Annual membership. Validity is from January to December (calendar year). Applications made between October to December will receive full membership for the next calendar year.
  • One (1) PMMSN T-shirt
  • Membership ID
  • Invitations to activities and workshops, symposiums or conferences
  • Receive updates on the PMMSN website and social media

If you are interested in our member or partner program, please fill up a Member Profile and contact:

Bianca G. Espinos
Committee on Membership and Training

Support Us Volunteers
Volunteers providing supportive care to a stranded dolphin
Support Us Ocean Adventure Partners
Our partners at Ocean Adventure helping to release a stranded dolphin back to the sea
Support Us - Local Fisherman

This local fishermen found a stranded Risso’s dolphin and provided emergency first response care while waiting for the local PMMSN Stranding Response Team to arrive (Bulacan)